A Strong Content Concept


One can maintain that the overall artistic plan of the Festival, since it was founded in 1981, has been based on   -  organic growth and acquainted expertise

      -  a well-designed policy of continuity, fame and long term vision

      -  constant quality improvement by programming famous ensembles

      -  a strong international profile that forms the basis of a unique event

      -  inventive and fresh programmes aimed at the audiences

      -  a strong content concept

      -  cooperation with partner locations and cultural organisations with close attention for the central objective of the Festival


This last item is very important. After 11 editions one might feel tempted – for promotional or organizational reasons - to choose easier paths by filling up the programme with other forms of religious music. On might envisage orthodox music or polyphony. We choose not to do that since these forms of music are programmed in other festivals throughout Europe. We want to preserve the unique character of the Watou Festival, which enables us to profoundly deepen the repertoire via various auditions and concerts in a great variety of interpretational forms. The vieux fonds repertoire, but also local traditions in the Gregorian literature and more recent developments will be presented in the 2015 edition of the Festival. However, some concerts or parts of them will be completed with music based on Gregorian chant or inspired by it. Also modern compositions (e.g. Pärt) will be presented here.