Monastic day

Monastic Day

In every edition of the festival, liturgy is proponent. Here Gregorian chant reaches its highest peak. Gregorian chant, essentially, is an sublime form of sung liturgy. Its melodies could be called a theological meditation, illustrating the biblical texts.

The Gregorian repertoire is sung during mass and during the ‘hours’. The hours can sound a bit strange with people who do not know what they exactly mean. They mainly consist of recited psalms alternating with hymns, antiphons, responsories and sung lectures.

The festival programme offers a unique opportunity to get acquainted with these moments of sung prayer which have marked the rhythm of life in abbeys for more than a thousand years.

We start the monastic day on Wednesday evening 13th May singing the first vesper of Ascension Day and finish on Thursday evening 14th May with the second vesper. Every liturgical moment of this feast (see festival programme) will be sung by a different schola including the integral night officium.

Attending this monastic day will, without doubt, be a unique experience for those seeking the various facets Gregorian chant has to offer: silence, meditation, prayer or limitless fascination.