Workshop Conducting Gregorian Chant


How can one conduct Gregorian chant? This remains a stumbling block for numerous conductors and singers.

There are important differences between conducting measured and non-measured music.

The problem is primarily caused by the rhythm. Gregorian chant starts from a completely different starting point. The support offered by measurement types and the fixed metrical subdivisions and the movement linked to them cannot be used here. Text expression and the relation between text and melody are crucial. One conducts prose which is sung in the framework of a melody, so to speak, taking the neumes notation and the meaning of the text into account.

There are various approaches which have developed in the course of the years.

The aim of this workshop is offering some principles of Gregorian chant conducting techniques and together assessing their value. How can a platform be created enabling an ideal communication between the conductor and the singers?

This workshop does not aim at conductors only. Also singers can be fascinated by getting acquainted with the precision of conducting practice.

This workshop will be led by DAVID EBEN from Czechia, musicologist, eminent conductor and compelling teacher. His Gregorian chant curriculum is multisided. He spent quite some time at Solesmes, conducted the Choeur Grégorien de Paris for several years, is the conductor of the Schola Gregoriana Pragensis, was professor Gregorian chant at Luzern University and is now working at the Charles University at Prague.

He is often invited as a lecturer at numerous summer courses.